Get Help With Canon IJ Printer Utility Download

So many people have the question, what can be done with the Canon IJ Printer Utility Download? Well, it is a very helpful application, or you can say software allows scanning anything like photos, reports, documents, etc, very easily. It is not just useful for scanning, but also helpful in solving many purposes in one place only. The only thing you need to do is to click over the corresponding icon on the main screen of the Canon IJ Printer Utility Software. So, there are a lot of things one can do with the Canon IJ Printer Utility Download. In this guide, the steps for the download are explained in detail for Mac operating system, and Windows 10. So, first, we will discuss the steps for the Canon IJ printer utility Windows 10, and then for Canon IJ printer utility Mac.

Steps for Canon IJ Printer Utility- Windows 10

In order to do the Canon IJ Printer Utility Download for Windows 10, the very first thing that you need to make sure of is that there is the active and proper network connecting working for your system. After this follow the steps given below:

  • In the first step, turn on both the devices i.e. your system (Computer or laptop) and the Canon Printer which you have bought.

  • To download the software of Canon IJ Printer Utility for Windows 10, follow the link on the official website based on your region.

  • Now, you need to check the printer model for your printer in the search bar of the window and select the model of your printer from the list, and then click over the Download Canon Printer Utility.

  • After the file is downloaded, from the Start Menu, select the Downloads folder, or you can select that from the Desktop as well. Now, run the setup executable file, and install the IJ Canon Printer Utility.

  • After completing the installation, from the Start Menu, launch the IJ Printer utility.

  • Now, go to All Apps, and from there, select the Printers and Devices.

  • Now, click over the Utility tab.

  • From there, choose the option of Canon IJ Print Utility.

  • Now, you can print or scan documents or photos, according to your need, by using the Canon Printer Utility App.

Therefore, these steps will let you work with ease on your printer if you are on the Windows operating system. Wait a minute, you are working over Mac! No worries, you can download it for Mac as well. Just, you have to follow the different steps in order to complete the download. So, those steps have been discussed in the further section.

Steps for Canon IJ Printer Utility- Mac OS

So, in case, you are having Mac, and want to have the benefits of Canon Printer Utility software, then you can have them by following the steps given below:

Steps for Canon IJ Printer Utility- Mac OS
  • The first thing that you need to do for the download of the Canon IJ Printer Utility App, is to turn on the Canon Printer that you are having or on which you want to use the applications in order to have the numerous benefits.

  • Now, turn on your Apple device or Mac system, in order to download the Canon IJ Printer Utility App.

  • Now click over the Apple Menu, so that you can navigate to the Printers and Scanners. It depends upon the version of your Mac operating system. Therefore, you may also have the option of Print and Scan instead of Printers and Scanners. So, choose accordingly, whatever option you are having.

  • Now, you will have a list of all the printers and scanners that are connected to the system. Select the one, which you want to use for the app.

  • Now, click over the Options, and go to the Supplies.

  • Then, the Utility tab must appear after selecting the Supplies option. In case the Utility app doesn’t get open, then it means, you must be using the AirPrint.

  • In case, you are using the AirPrint version, then there is a need to launch Safari, and open the official website of Canon, and from there, you can download the link to Canon Printer Utility download for Mac. Now, your job is to choose the model of your printer in the search bar and click over Go.

  • Now, go to Drivers and Downloads in your system, and locate the Printer Utility Drivers, and select the download option.

  • Once you have completed the installation, then you need to remove the name of your model from the list of Print and Scan options or in the Printers and Scanners, depending upon your version of Mac OS.

  • Now, again add in the list of Print and Scan options by clicking over the (+) sign and selecting the required printer model. Click over the Add button, whenever you will find the required model of your Printer.

  • In the list, the name of the driver is shown like Driver Version number 2.0, in case you are printing with AirPrint.

  • In case, you are using the Canon IJ Printer Utility driver for the printing services, then the same series will be shown i.e.

With this, the installation of the Canon IJ Printer Utility Driver for Mac is complete, and now you can have all the benefits of the utility software in your Mac system as well. Now, you can scan the photos or documents with one simple click over the icon, and from there, you can also sharpen the images of the scanned documents as well. So, enjoy the scanning!

In case, you get stuck in any step and get confused in any step while downloading for any operating system, then you can contact our team. They have expertise in this and will provide you with the way through till the end of the downloading steps so that you can download the Utility software without any issue.